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Sukhee Film Review: Shilpa Shetty Shines, but the Film Lacks Depth | Rating 3/5

Sukhee Review

Sukhee Film Review: In recent years, Hindi cinema has ventured into storytelling that empowers women and showcases their diverse journeys. However, in Sonal Joshi’s “Sukhee,” while Shilpa Shetty looks stunning, the film falls short in delivering a convincing narrative.

The story revolves around Sukhpreet, fondly known as Sukhee, a woman trapped in the mundane life of a small-town housewife after two decades of marriage. She deals with a perpetually irritable husband, Guru, and an unappreciative teenage daughter, Jassi.

The plot takes an intriguing turn when news of a high school reunion surfaces, accompanied by a video from her youth. The video reveals a younger Sukhee who, along with her three friends, had declared themselves “always wild never mild” and vowed to remain “Bedhadak, Besharam, Beparwah.” Their pledge was to never become domesticated, yet here is Sukhee, juggling household chores, taking care of her aging Dadaji, and assisting with school projects.

What’s puzzling is that the film fails to provide a clear explanation of how the spirited Sukhee transformed into a submissive homemaker over the years. Questions about her isolation in a small Punjab town, her lack of friends, and her abandonment of her old dreams remain unanswered.

Sukhee Film Review
source: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt18266472/

The character’s predicament is poorly established, leading to a disjointed narrative. Sukhee eventually defies her husband’s wishes and heads to Delhi to reunite with her friends. Their reunion involves plenty of drinking, shrieking, and indulging in street food, which results in an oddly unfunny scene in a public toilet.

Shilpa Shetty portrays Sukhee, and her impeccable appearance, slim figure, and glossy hair are noteworthy. However, the film does not provide her with a character depth that could evoke sympathy, unlike iconic performances by Sridevi in “English Vinglish” or Vidya Balan in “Tumhari Sulu.”

Meanwhile, back at home, Guru’s ineptitude in managing household affairs is highlighted humorously, but such gender stereotypes seem out of place in a post-COVID world.

While the film touches on the idea that men can also feel trapped in traditional roles, it fails to explore this theme adequately. The supporting cast remains in the shadows, with only Chaitanya Choudhry and Kusha Kapila making an impression with their limited screen time.

“Sukhee” attempts to deliver a formulaic narrative of female empowerment but lacks the humor and depth needed to make it memorable. The film’s potential remains largely untapped, leaving viewers wanting more from this promising premise.

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