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President Marcos Bolsters Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives to Safeguard Tier 1 Status

President Marcos Orders Strengthened Efforts Against Human Trafficking to Maintain Tier 1 Ranking

Safeguarding Progress: President Marcos Strengthens Anti-Human Trafficking Efforts to Preserve Tier 1 Status. A Determined Step Forward.

President Ferdinand Marcos Jr. has issued a directive to the Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking (IACAT) and other law enforcement agencies to enhance the ongoing campaign against human trafficking. The aim is to uphold the country’s prestigious “Tier 1” ranking, as acknowledged by the United States.

In a recent statement during a weekly Saturday News Forum, Mico Clavano, spokesperson for the Department of Justice (DOJ), revealed that President Marcos is fully committed to supporting all aspects of IACAT’s programs that are already in operation. This step is deemed vital in maintaining the country’s top-tier status in the fight against human trafficking.

President Marcos is scheduled to address this matter during the upcoming 43rd Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) conference, to be held in Jakarta, Indonesia, during the first week of September.

Clavano, a key member of the DOJ’s IACAT, emphasized the President’s keen awareness of the extensive prevalence of human trafficking and his determination to address it effectively. The President has specifically instructed that the Tier 1 ranking be upheld, signifying his endorsement of the existing IACAT initiatives, along with the intent to further strengthen them.

Notably, the United States government recently commended the Philippines for maintaining its Tier 1 status in the global fight against human trafficking for an impressive eight consecutive years. A Tier 1 ranking is bestowed upon nations that not only fully comply with the minimum standards for eradicating trafficking but also actively work towards resolving this critical issue.

To this end, Clavano highlighted the IACAT’s release of the 2023 Revised Inter-Agency Council Against Trafficking Guidelines on Departure Formalities for International-bound Filipino Passengers. This comprehensive guide is expected to serve as an instrumental tool in assisting law enforcement agencies to effectively counter human trafficking.

Furthermore, Clavano affirmed that the agency has made amendments to certain sections of the guidelines to reinforce the country’s Tier 1 status. He explained that despite achieving the Tier 1 ranking for the previous year, there was a collective determination within the IACAT to further optimize their operations against human trafficking.

Given the Philippines’ high rate of emigration—approximately 10 percent of the population seeks overseas opportunities—the guidelines also include strategies to generate more domestic job opportunities. This proactive measure is designed to diminish the avenues for human trafficking, aligning with the broader objective of maintaining the nation’s Tier 1 status.

In conclusion, President Marcos’ unequivocal commitment and proactive directives signify the Philippines’ resolute stance against human trafficking. With a comprehensive approach that includes enhanced enforcement, updated guidelines, and a focus on job creation, the nation is poised to sustain its esteemed Tier 1 ranking in the global fight against human trafficking.

Source: INQUIRER.net

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President Marcos Bolsters Anti-Human Trafficking Initiatives to Safeguard Tier 1 Status
source: https://journal.com.ph/pbbm-orders-intensified-effort-against-human-trafficking-to-maintain-us-state-dept-tier-1-ranking/
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