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Twitter X Sign Removed Amid Permit Violation Controversy 2023

Twitter’s Unapproved “X” Sign: San Francisco Forces Removal Amidst Permit Controversy

Twitter X Sign Removed Amid Permit Violation Controversy: San Francisco has compelled Twitter to take down its newly installed giant flashing “X” sign due to lack of a permit and safety concerns. The city received 24 complaints about the sign’s structural safety and illumination. While technically a permit was needed for its removal, safety concerns prompted its immediate dismantling. This incident follows Twitter’s recent rebranding efforts, including the replacement of its bird logo with the “X” symbol. The removal comes just days after a city inspector alerted the company to the permit violation, adding to Twitter’s ongoing permit issues in San Francisco.

The city of San Francisco has forced Twitter to remove its newly installed “X” sign from the roof of its headquarters due to a lack of proper permitting. The San Francisco Department of Building Inspection received numerous complaints about the sign, including concerns about its structural safety and illumination. While a building permit was technically required for the removal of the sign, safety concerns prompted the city to allow its dismantling. This incident comes on the heels of Twitter’s recent rebranding efforts and changes to its platform.

City’s Intervention and Twitter’s Response: Twitter X Sign Removed

City inspectors visited Twitter’s headquarters after receiving complaints and discovered the unpermitted sign. The inspectors alerted Twitter of the permit violation and assessed the sign’s location and safety. Twitter representatives initially denied access to the inspector, explaining that the sign was a temporary lighted display for an event. However, the city clarified that any sign lacking a permit must be taken down. Despite the city’s intervention, the sign was not removed immediately.

Continued Controversy and Rebranding: Twitter X Sign Removed

Twitter’s headquarters encountered controversy earlier when the company removed its original sign, featuring its name and iconic blue bird, without proper permits. This action led to backlash and accusations of disregard for pedestrian safety, as the sidewalk was not properly cordoned off during the removal. Additionally, Twitter’s recent rebranding, which included replacing its bird logo with an “X,” has generated attention and speculation.

No Response from Twitter:

As of now, Twitter has not responded to requests for comment regarding the removal of the “X” sign. However, the company’s owner, Elon Musk, indirectly addressed the situation on social media with a laughing-crying emoji in response to a tweet suggesting that San Francisco authorities were attempting to force the removal of the sign.

The incident highlights the importance of adhering to local regulations and obtaining proper permits before implementing significant changes to a company’s physical appearance, even for temporary displays.

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Twitter X Sign Removed
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